The permitting procedures required for constructing a new hospitality project are complex and demanding. Starting with a set of restrictions regarding the GBA limitations of the particular plot, the limited buildings footprint, the limits to the dimensions, distances, and volumes of the buildings, and a large number of other issues to be addressed, the permitting coordination work must also consider:

  • The expressed vision of the owner which is not always compatible with the permitting realities
  • The architect’s views about the design and the construction of the hotel
  • The design work of the civil engineers and the mechanical and electrical engineers that have to be incorporated
  • The complex safety and environmental restrictions applicable to hospitality projects
  • The incorporation of the possible incompatible objections of the public authorities involvedA complete and thorough Technical Due Diligence Report, prepared by competent specialists before acquiring the property, is an essential prerequisite for a successful permitting process of a new hotel.

MMT works in permitting coordination projects in close cooperation with and under the guidance of D. Aristotelidis, permitting consultant. Besides the building permit, various other licenses are necessary for a hotel to be declared operational regarding rooms, public spaces, restaurants, bars, power and wastewater installations, etc.

A strategic plan drawn early is essential to ensure a safe conclusion of the permitting process without any surprises.

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