Detailed design is essential in building design practice to ensure compatibility with a multitude of requirements, among them environmental and technical standards, safety and comfort standards, energy cost control, and construction and maintenance cost control.

The construction details, developed and applied to hospitality projects, are similar to those used in housing projects. They have to satisfy many demanding specifications, mainly on insulation and safety issues.

MMT has developed a set of construction details for all Sani/Ikos hotels projects. It is compatible with the building materials and products industry technologies, tested and certified for essential technical characteristics, as are thermal and sound insulation. These detailed solutions are applied repeatedly as standard technical solutions in hotel design and construction projects.

The Sani/Ikos construction details incorporate details developed for application in acoustics. MMT is an experienced consultant in acoustics and noise protection, involved in many construction projects. Details are of prime importance in acoustics, as even minor deviations may result in failure. The set of details used for the Sani/Ikos projects is a development based on this experience to address the needs of high-end hospitality projects.

Applying these tested construction details is of prime importance for the construction’s high quality and the controlled construction cost achieved in these hotel projects.

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