MMT SA Architects – Consultants – Managers is a company providing engineering services. The company participates in designing and constructing technical projects and offers design coordination services, consulting services on technology and quality control issues, supervision, and project management services.

The objectives of MMT include:

  • The utilization of long-term design and construction expertise in the fields of hospitality and entertainment infrastructure design and construction,
  • The application of long-term expertise in building physics, addressing sound insulation, sound protection, and acoustic quality,
  • The management of the application of national, European, and international standards to address quality control issues in the design and construction of buildings.

The company operates under the scientific supervision of Architectural Technology Professor Emmanuel G. Tzekakis, who contributed to many development projects, research projects, and design projects. He established and directed the Architectural Technology Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki to support the certification of building materials and products (accreditation EN17025/ESYD, notification NB2326/EU).

The services of MMT include:

  • Design services for technical projects (architecture, civil engineering, interior design, environmental design) using state-of-the-art tools.
  • Consulting services for developing large projects (environmental design, energy optimization, noise protection, acoustics).
  • Management services for technical projects (supervision, construction site support, control, quality certification, application of international standards, and EU directives).

MMT SA, since 2007 continued the work and tradition of older companies with long-term expertise in technical projects (Technology 1994, Applied Technology 1997, Runner 2001). It collaborated with significant technical, construction, and project management companies (Elliniki Technodomiki SA, Themeliodomi SA, Avax SA, Ellinotechniki SA, Aktor SA, and others). It cooperated in constructing Theatres, Music Halls, Convention Centres, Cultural Centres, Museums, Hotels, and Sports Centres, mainly in Athens and other cities.

MMT SA has long time cooperation with Nimand Architects and Niki Andreadis in the design and construction of well-known 5* hotels and resorts for the Sani/Ikos Group (Sani Asterias, Sani Beach, Sani Club, Porto Sani, Ikos Olivia, Ikos Oceania, Ikos Dassia, Ikos Aria, and the award-winning Sani Dunes).

MMT SA provides services to Sani/Ikos Group in:

  • Organizing, programming, and supporting the architectural design process (building programs, organization charts, time schedules, deliverables)
  • Coordinating the architectural design with other design fields (topography, surveying, civil engineering, fire protection, road networks, rainwater management, environmental design, etc.)
  • Coordinating the architectural design with all MEP installations designs (wastewater, pools, kitchens, trash handling, warm water, lifts, mechanical installations stations), all electrical installations designs (substations, power network, communications networks, electrical panels, power generators), and airconditioning (external units, air intake and exhaust networks, energy recovery).
  • Providing architectural technology design and expertise (sound insulation, thermal insulation, waterproofing, roof design, building façade sections, construction details, MEP noise protection)
  • Organizing and supervising permitting processes (programming, submitting, measurements, budget preparation, technical descriptions, technical specifications)
  • Ongoing quality control of hotel spaces (before, during, and after the operation period)

To support its work with the advice of experienced specialists, MMT S.A. uses a network of collaborating designers, engineers, technical companies, and institutions in Greece and Europe.

Clients of MMT SA are businesses, construction companies, design companies, and individuals. Its offices are in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 3rd September & Kastorias Str 13.