As a consultant in acoustics, MMT’s experience with large-scale projects is the result of cooperating with prominent designers (D. & S. Antonakakis, N. Andreadis, Ι. Despotopoulos, Ι. Fotiadis, L. Kalyvitis, Th. Papagiannis, M. Perrakis, D. & L. Potiropoulos, P. Tavaniotis, A. Tombazis, Ι. Ventourakis, and others), and large construction and project management companies (Aktor SA, Themeliodomi SA, Avax SA, Ellinotechniki SA, and others) in high-profile hospitality, entertainment, and cultural buildings (Theatres, Music Halls, Convention Centers, Cultural Centers, Museums, Hotels, and Sports Centers).

MMT worked with Dr. Gottfried Schubert on many projects, well known for his expertise and deep knowledge of acoustics. MMT supports its customers by applying demanding international standards and specifications in the fields of its competence.

MMT’s work contributes to the design and construction of high-quality, noise-protected hotels and the creation of top-rated theaters and cultural buildings with excellent acoustics. For this purpose, MMT uses state-of-the-art technologies, knowledge-base design tools and supports the projects by providing detailed construction and application drawings and expert site supervision.