Acoustics design is an integral part of the overall quality concept of a hotel. It mainly considers the hospitality buildings’ acoustics, focusing on the sound insulation of the clients’ spaces and the noise control of the mechanical and air conditioning installations. Client services buildings with reception spaces, restaurants, and bars must be treated acoustically. Open-air spaces must be protected from traffic noise, and open-air MEP units and installations noises create a quiet and relaxing resort environment.

To achieve optimal conditions and high-quality living standards, the design strategy includes:

  • The application of suitable requirements for a quiet hotel
  • The distinction between noisy rooms and rooms needing protection against noise
  • The application of international design and construction standards
  • The application of tested solutions in construction and installations
  • Strict mechanical noise standards and application practices
  • The use of noise barriers and dense planting to protect clients’ open space areas

MMT offers its clients the best result in hotel acoustics design based on experience and applying state-of-the-art sound insulation design and construction techniques.

The cost effectiveness of the acoustics design decisions must be considered at the beginning of the design process. Further on, eventual value engineering measures for mechanical installations and air conditioning systems must carefully consider the noise impact.

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