The company designs and supports hospitality, culture, and entertainment building projects.
Its scope of work includes architectural technology, design management, programming and coordination services, and consulting services in acoustics and building physics.

MMT is working as an expert on hotel design, participating in large complex 5-star hotel and resorts design and construction projects.

MMT’s core competence includes acoustics and noise control, applied mainly to hotel and theater design and construction projects.

MMT has considerable experience managing design projects and consulting public construction and regional development projects.

The services of MMT include:

  • Design services
    for technical projects
    (architecture, civil engineering, interior design) using state-of-the-art tools.
  • Consulting services
    for developing large projects
    (environmental design, noise protection, acoustics).
  • Management services
    for technical projects
    (supervision, construction support, quality certification, application of international standards, and EU directives)

To support its work with the advice of experienced specialists, MMT SA uses a network of collaborating designers, engineers, technical companies and institutions.

Clients of MMT SA are businesses, construction companies, design companies, and individuals

Its offices are in Thessaloniki, Greece, 3rd September & Kastorias Str 13.