Hotels, especially Resorts, are places for vacation, where relaxation in a noise-free environment is essential. Hospitality buildings, above all, need to be treated for sound insulation and protected from internal MEP installations noises and external environmental noises.

To address the task, MMT uses three essential tools:

For sound insulation, including walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows, the tested solutions proposed by DIN 4109 “Schallschutz im Hochbau, Bauteilkatalog” are used, provided no unique technical solutions are used for the construction

For more complex and unusual construction solutions, MMT uses the INSUL sound insulation prediction software

MMT uses its own tool based on standard barrier noise reduction theory to calculate the noise protection offered by noise barriers. This tool is handy as it includes elements from VDI 2081 “Noise generation and noise reduction in air-conditioning systems” recommendations to calculate MEP installations noise or noise from air conditioning systems.

In cases where absorption is needed to reduce the noise levels of larger rooms, like restaurants, MMT uses Tosan, a Knowledge Base Design Tool for reverberation time predictions developed at the University of Thessaloniki.

Although design tools are excellent to support the design work, the result of the design application depends on supervision and avoiding value engineering reductions, especially in MEP installations.

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