Design Coordination is a demanding task, based mainly on the following:

  • Design schedule
    A standard design schedule for all design teams involved
  • Completed designs list
    A list of completed designs, including design parts and design phases
    (a prerequisite for the coordination of designs)
  • Design specifications set
    A set of design specifications, known and accepted by all design teams
  • Media communications protocol
    A multiple media communications protocol between all designers and project stakeholders
  • Designs compatibility system
    A system to control the compatibility of the designs
  • Design compatibility control approach 
    An approach to control the compatibility of the designs with the current legislature and regulations, to ensure problem loss permitting
  • Plan compatibility method 
    A method to keep the plans compatible with the initially stated vision of the owner for the project
  • Budget control method
    A way to control the balance between the various costs of realization of the designs
Essential tools

The essential tools needed for the coordination of a hotel design project are:

  • The general design schedule and, in particular, the schedule milestones
  • The clear distinction between concept design, final design, construction design, and decoration design
  • The design specifications, including content and deliverables
    (a prerequisite for controlling the design compatibility)
  • The specifications set for the electromechanical installations
    (a requirement for coordination of the designs)

MMT has experience in Hotel Design Coordination Projects. During the last years of this task, it successfully contributed to the timely completion of the Sani/Ikos new hotels and the resulting construction quality.

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