Hotel acoustics design requirements result from long-term international experience adopted by regulations and codes of practice. Specific criteria are selected as essential for the acoustic quality of hospitality buildings, and target values are set that must be met.

In technical terms, the criteria include:

  • Airborne sound insulation for walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows
  • Impact sound insulation for floors and ceilings
  • Maximum noise level for external noise sources
  • Maximum noise level for internal installations noises

Although internationally aligned in general terms, local regulations may provide different target values for criteria, usually for standard and high comfort levels. This distinction is valid for hotels and resorts with standard and deluxe areas.

The criteria are usually organized in unique tables for each hotel to avoid missing essential protection cases or unnecessary and costly applications. The tables, separate for airborne and impact sound insulation, provide proposed values for all types of rooms.

By combining the widely recognized German standard DIN 4109 “Sound insulation in building construction,” which contains the minimum requirements for sound insulation for all new buildings, with provisions from the local sound insulation regulations and its own experience in hotel acoustics, MMT has a well-balanced set of criteria propositions, offering its clients a secure base of reference.

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Hotel design plan acoustics criteria

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Hotel design plan acoustics requirements

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