A complex hotel building project follows the owner’s vision supported by a list of spaces and functions, followed by images and descriptions of their role. Based on these descriptions, a complete and detailed building program must be composed of all closed and open spaces and facilities required, with the proposed minimum area for each one, subject to the limitations of the plot and the regulations to be applied.

Statistical data from previous similar projects are essential to form the first approach and propose it to the owner, who has the final word based on his own experience from past projects and his vision for the new project.

A set of preliminary data, primarily operational, of design parameters, usually from past experiences and a system of specifications, regarding the specific hotel project, is the reference material needed by the design team to do its work.

Design specifications are about construction and incorporate operational parameters, construction systems, and installations, excluding decoration aspects, by combining international standards with empirical data.

MMT has experience collecting statistical data for new hotel building programs and has developed a set of design specifications necessary for new hotel design projects.

MMT successfully balances the owner’s vision, the building program, the operational requirements, and the required permitting work, as evident by its hotel design market position during the last years.

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