The design system supported by MMT has been developed for Nimand Architects by a group of young architects to help design hotels. The design system uses state-of-the-art 3d modeling software and BIM systems.

The end product of a design system includes a room book. It is valuable for the cooperation between the architects and the decoration teams, and in addition, it is essential to the construction team and the supervisors.

As modern building construction adopts the use and application of ready-made building products, knowledge of the product’s specifications, certification, and application methods is of prime importance.

The building materials industry applies many international and EU standards for the products to be accepted in the European Market. Experience in this knowledge base is necessary for the design and construction of buildings, especially hospitality buildings, as they incorporate many building products.

With experience in hotel design and construction, MMT selected a basic set of products known for safe use, efficiency, and controlled application cost, to form a standard building construction plan. This standardized building construction plan is used in most situations throughout a new hotel, with excellent results, as is evident from the successful construction of all Sani/Ikos hotels in the last years.

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